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Some career fields make your postgraduate decision inevitable and it’s a smooth transition from one step to the next (I'm talking CAs, doctors etc) but there are the rest of us who've done a standard Bachelor’s of Arts, Commerce, Science or Social Studies degree and aren’t quite sure what options are out there.


Here’s one of the better quizzes to take on what career to go into for your personality, be as honest as possible! 

Some of you are, of course, here to make the big bucks. You may also have the diligence and stamina to do an occupation that your personality isn’t suited to. I don’t recommend this because money doesn’t always make you happy… but then again, if your personality match tells you that you're destined to be a shop teller, I think you can look for other motivators. Sometimes a fat paycheck is a pretty good substitute for temporary happiness –well, the spa with good champagne that it buys is. Nevertheless, below is a chart of median salaries of the top South African earners relative to their qualifications. 

*All statistics have been pulled from South African reports or articles and conclusions have been based on figures from the Higher Education Careers Service Unit. 

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