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I'm just going to put it out there that Europe is my favourite place to travel.

Maybe I'm just a romantic but you really can't beat how much history, diversity &  cultural variation Europe has on only 2% of the earth's surface.

It was the first place I explored and it did not disappoint. Public transport is super easy and surprisingly cheap considering Europe isn't really a backpacker destination.

The greatest thing about Europe (UK excluded) is that thanks to the Schengen Visa Agreement which comprises 26 mostly-Western European countries, once you have a visa you can freely cross from one country to the other without any hassles. This includes student and tourist visas.

When I au paired in the South of France for 6 months while studying French, I had a student visa and managed to easily travel the length of Italy, most of France, Greece and Holland all in that time. 

 If you look on Skyscanner, you can find roundtrip international flights within

 Europe for as little as $70 and cross-country buses for around $8 on rome2rio

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