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Does anything actually compare to that raw ruggedness of Latin America? I think not -you know what they say about the Latinos. 

I've got first hand advice from 

Brazilian, Argentinian & Mexican mates. Here's what they say of their continent(s): it's incredibly rich in terms of landscape 

diversity. It's also vastly untouched by 

commercialisation -which is why it's pretty challenging to do if you can't speak the local language (i.e. Spanish or Portuguese). 


It's somewhat disorganised but very authentic & cultural  -sounds familiar, us Africans will fit right in. Most countries you won't need a visa for & there are 

english teaching opportunities available 

despite what the internet tells you.


Also -almost every country bar Mexico & Bolivia don't require visas for SA citizens.


(NB: learn that phrase -it's one of my 5 Spanish phrases and yes, I am very proud of myself. Also note: don't add amigo when speaking to men -they're notorious opportunists.)

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