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Bit bizarre to group the Australian area & Asia 

together,seeing as they're so culturally different but there's method in my madness. They're both the owners of those tag-a-mate-to-win-a-trip-to-paradise beaches.

Right, so! There really aren't many options in Australia for temporary work unless you have a passport from the US, Argentina, Nam etc (see list here -its v random). However, there is an option to do whatever legal work you want in New Zealand up to a year if you have an SA passport -between you & me I prefer the kiwis anyway.This is a great option if you don't like kids! 

 Asia -the number one backpacking destination in the world, because it's very cheap and completely different to  whatever you're used to at home. You can easily save up enough cash just to backpack for a few months even with  Pravin out of the picture. The great news, however, is you can earn REALLY decent money actually in Asia by  teaching english & there are loads of South African expats there too. 

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