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Below are ideas to give you a feel for working-travel if you don't have a great passport or the budget to make it a 3-month vacational bender. For full descriptions, step-by-step guides, cost breakdowns and prospects, check out the location links on the menu

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Where do you want to travel?

Tips & Tricks for the savvy traveller

Cheapest way to fly?

The sweet spot for booking flights is between 6 weeks to 10 weeks before departure -this is universally considered the cheapest period to find a flight. My favourite apps are Skyscanner and Kayak, but once you've found the flight you want from there book through the actual airline site as its often cheaper.


Download the Google Translate app and it can also pronounce your translated phrase. It's usually very easy to buy a foreign sim card too unlike in Africa.

Affordable transport?

It's best to check the easiest and cheapest method of transport in each country on the website Rome to Rio. Just put in your destination and the routes and prices come up, it can be incredibly specific.

How to eat?

Always eat LOCAL. If you're in France go to the supermarket and buy baguettes and cheese. If you're in Greece buy olives and gyros. Not only is the local food more cost effective but it'll be much better than your usual foreign restaurant at home.

What can I do here?

The Trip Advisor app is your best friend. People rate everything from restaurants to museums and you get to filter out aspects to find exactly what you're looking for. Yelp is also useful in the States.

Where to stay?

Always use Airbnb. Its a great way to find cheap and reliable accommodation all over the world within your budget.It'll almost always be better value for your money than a hotel as it cuts out the middleman. You can also try Couch-surfing which is free but it's far less likely to get accomodation.

Flight hack

I'm going to let you in on a little tech-savvy secret. Airline sites store your browsing history and cookies so they know how much you've researched a specific flight and can hike up the prices according to your demand. My friend has just booked a return trip to London from New York on my computer for $360 when on hers it was $600. ALWAYS reset your cookies and clear your browsing history before booking the flight -just google how to do it as it varies accroding to your device.

Don't forget your visas!

I'm sure you already know what a visa is since you're unlikely from the top-10 passport countries. But if so, here's a great article. It's based on english teaching but is relative to most working-travel.

Some options...


So here’s the good news, English teaching is a booming industry abroad and if you’re a native English speaker from South Africa, Australia, Canada, the US or England you have a high chance of securing a great position. If your goal is to make money, I’d recommend Asia as the cost of living is so low and many posts include airfare, accommodation and some meals allowing you ample opportunity to save quickly.


  If you want to immerse yourself in a diverse and historically rich environment, I’d recommend Europe –its easy to hop over from one country to the next with such fantastic transport systems in place and Schengen country ties (they're 26 countries in Western Europe). If you want something different and have a penchant for dramatic landscapes and incredible nature, I’d recommend South America, although those options are far less organized. 

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