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Are you uncertain about what you should study in terms of future prospects?

Do you know what the likelihood of being employed is and into which profession you will go, with what you have studied? 

Of course you’re uncertain.

I know this because if you were then most people in the world would actually be in the career field that they studied to be in (which they aren’t –just FYI). 

I know that I personally had a few moments at varsity where I chopped and changed my major because, really, who actually knows what you become with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Statistics? It’s great for those studying to be a doctor or a chartered accountant -they have an organized semester of subjects to go through (which is ironic, because they’re the kind of people who probably would be nauseatingly efficient at making good subject choices).


The rest of us are just left flailing about, putting off these adult-like decisions because we really don’t know where to start. It’s way too much responsibility for a group of varsity kids who think drunken water-polo on a Wednesday night is a smart and fun extramural choice. A degree is still a degree right?


So time flies by and then you finally have this generic degree but you don’t know what’ll make you stand out from the rest of the ‘generics’ when it comes to finding a career.

Shit man, I hope I caught you before you graduated.

But even so –we can sort this.

So with that early-life crisis in mind, I’ve done some research on all the major subjects, scroll down the tabs to your favourite choice and make an informed decision about your future.


I’ve also covered an easy-to-follow basic summary of the tertiary education landscape specifically in South Africa (-but actually the data doesn’t vary much from a worldwide perspective). If you want to know about the different qualification levels, who earns the most for studying what and how to avoid picking the wrong institutions, check out the section Studying 101.

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